Quick Start

In this quick start guide, you can learn how to install FedScale after cloning it from source.

Quick Installation (Linux)

You can simply run install.sh.

source install.sh # Add `--cuda` if you want CUDA 
pip install -e .

Update install.sh if you prefer different versions of conda/CUDA.

Installation from Source (Linux/MacOS)

If you have Anaconda installed and cloned FedScale, here are the instructions.

cd FedScale

# Please replace ~/.bashrc with ~/.bash_profile for MacOS
echo export FEDSCALE_HOME=$(pwd) >> ~/.bashrc 
echo alias fedscale=\'bash $FEDSCALE_HOME/fedscale.sh\' >> ~/.bashrc 
conda init bash
. ~/.bashrc

conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate fedscale
pip install -e .

Please remember to install NVIDIA CUDA 10.2 or above if you want to use FedScale with GPU support.

What’s Next?

Try out the following tutorials to submit your first FedScale jobs on your laptop or in GPU a cluster, or even implement your own FL algorithms in FedScale with a few lines of code.